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~Flonne Loves You~

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Heads up Dec. 3rd, 2004 @ 07:03 pm
New LJ: flonnelovesyou  ...Thanks a lot Angie.  :)
Current Music: Tamaki Nami - Reason

I'M CHANGING MY LJ. I'll think of a name later. Dec. 3rd, 2004 @ 06:46 pm
Laki Koopa: <_< SORRY!! your username is so werid. Laki Koopa: ...weird. shoshoshoryuken: lol shoshoshoryuken: it was shoshoshoryuken: from a long time ago shoshoshoryuken: from a stupid joke shoshoshoryuken: iw as gonna change my lj but my friends were like "nooo you have too many memories, just keep it" Laki Koopa: ..you do know you can just change your lj name right? shoshoshoryuken: shizzle shoshoshoryuken: how? Laki Koopa: you have to pay :< Laki Koopa: 15 bucks but I think its a payed account too or something shoshoshoryuken: ... shoshoshoryuken: fuck that xD Laki Koopa: lmfaooo Laki Koopa: well if I ever have money I'll buy it for you shoshoshoryuken: it's okay Laki Koopa: no seriously shoshoshoryuken: i suck with lay outs Laki Koopa: its gay. shoshoshoryuken: so i have no need Laki Koopa: ... are you not listening to me?!?! shoshoshoryuken: FINE shoshoshoryuken: NIGGA Laki Koopa: XD shoshoshoryuken: i'll make a new one right now shoshoshoryuken: godfuck you xD Laki Koopa: no!! Laki Koopa: don't XD shoshoshoryuken: OMG YOU NIGGA shoshoshoryuken: MAKE UP YOUR MIND Laki Koopa: I'LL BUY YOU A NAME CHANGE LATER. shoshoshoryuken: NO Laki Koopa: YOU KEEP YOUR ACCT. shoshoshoryuken: i'll just make a new one Laki Koopa: NO Laki Koopa: fucker shoshoshoryuken: SLUT Laki Koopa: *pimpslap* shoshoshoryuken: *HOSLAP* shoshoshoryuken: Fuck you, you're not stopping me. Laki Koopa: WTF Laki Koopa: JUST CAUSE ITS GAY DOESN'T MEAN ITS BAD

I'm talking about RO here guys Dec. 3rd, 2004 @ 06:26 pm
shoshoshoryuken: dude
shoshoshoryuken: it's so cool wearing a wedding dress
shoshoshoryuken: it's like
SurnJoi: lol
shoshoshoryuken: you kill em with your psychic powers
SurnJoi: I'mma put that
shoshoshoryuken: They just die
SurnJoi: in lj

Thursday Dec. 2nd, 2004 @ 11:46 pm

I know where I things go wrong now.  I'm not gonna make the same mistake this time.

Tami's gonna grow up to be a good mom...not. Dec. 2nd, 2004 @ 09:26 pm
bubblegurl117: now do ur hw!
bubblegurl117: haha
shoshoshoryuken: ye smom
shoshoshoryuken: yes mom
shoshoshoryuken: i can't type
shoshoshoryuken: the cold ness is frosting up my joings
shoshoshoryuken: joints
bubblegurl117: haha then i guess ur too stoopid to put on a sweatshirt
shoshoshoryuken: go fuck yourself
shoshoshoryuken: how is a sweatshirt gonna keep your hands from freezing? lol
shoshoshoryuken: unless
shoshoshoryuken: you have mini sweatshirts for your hands
bubblegurl117: dont talk to ur mom like that!
bubblegurl117: LoL
shoshoshoryuken: lol
shoshoshoryuken: fuck you mom!
bubblegurl117: if ur body is warm...then ur hands probably will be too
bubblegurl117: ur not very nice to ur mother
bubblegurl117: haha
shoshoshoryuken: well you weren't a good mother
bubblegurl117: thats because ur mean
bubblegurl117: lol
shoshoshoryuken: lol
shoshoshoryuken: you raised me this way
bubblegurl117: well thats because ur stoopid
shoshoshoryuken: xD
shoshoshoryuken: no wonder why i grew up so messed up
shoshoshoryuken: where'st he love, mom?
bubblegurl117: u were a stoopid child
bubblegurl117: haha
shoshoshoryuken: wtf xD
bubblegurl117: and i hate children
bubblegurl117: i probably shouldnt tell u this...but u werent exactly "planned" i believe the word is "accident"
bubblegurl117: LoL
shoshoshoryuken: ROFL
Other entries
» Remodelling plans.
shoshoshoryuken: i need a restaurant in my house
I 4m Korean: yah
I 4m Korean: then we would have a better reason to binge off you
I 4m Korean: XD
I 4m Korean: i think you should make your house into a public arcade
I 4m Korean: u have enough games
I 4m Korean: and they should make reids house a national museum of death
shoshoshoryuken: that's a good idea
shoshoshoryuken: it'll be like a halocaust musuem
shoshoshoryuken: only it's really a nazi gas chamber in disguise
I 4m Korean: except your the holocaust
I 4m Korean: rofl
» I want to be a dictator
Vote Kenny Wong for dictator.Collapse )
» Random Fact
Kotoko pwnz me.  Especially her songs for Kanazuki no Miko and Onegai Sensei.  If anyone can find me more songs like "Suppuration -core-"; "Agony";  and "Shooting Star" much love.
» MGS3 Fin! Who's the true Patriot?

Oh shizzle, the end game for MGS3 is so intense.  It seriously rivals some Hollywood productions (namely James Bond...).  The ending was even more intense, and even very surprisingly emotional.  And they do a good job of wrapping things up and opening up the MGS universe even more.  THEY EVEN HAVE THE CLASSIC OCELOT TALK AT THE END CREDITS o_O  Oh yeah, who can forget the surprise return of the MGS theme?  I thought that Kojima abandoned it but it came back! Rawr...Anyways...bleah, need to talk with someone about it xD

So that's what Ocelot meant by "taking it back" in the Tanker of MGS2...

Need to find OST xD
» Huh?
ReHiroNagaId: i sleep
ReHiroNagaId: you do my hw
ReHiroNagaId: deal?
shoshoshoryuken: what class?
ReHiroNagaId: sex education
ReHiroNagaId: haha
ReHiroNagaId: i never got properly educated
shoshoshoryuken: uh
shoshoshoryuken: no reid, I will not have sex with you
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